Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Day before Today

"People say that we are crazy when we smile alone with no reason! But they never know that it’s the real smile with sweetest reason with someone in mind!!!"
This isn’t my lines, it’s just a forward that I liked…and to just start off with…
This post is about my life its changeover n my experiences …Especially my first love!!Hope I can translate it well...

It all started from my close friend junaid. We have been best buddies since 8th .My second year in college, one day he called me…

“Dude, I have a friend in your college and I need you to give her a gift on my behalf for her Birthday...”

I was surprised hearing he having a friend that too a girl in my college and I haven’t even known about her. To be frank I haven’t studied with girls so when I heard he having a friend, I was a bit heated.

After this conversation it took me weeks to call her and talk. You know why!!

And finally I called her…

“This is vinod here a friend of junaid and he has given me a gift to give you. When should I give it to you?”

On the other side a silence and after a deep breath… ya any day you can give it.

I told ok and the next question was …no one would ever expect on their first talk…

“Hey monkey why the hell you have this much head weight and why is your face so serious?” [Sound of teeth grinding]

I was shocked and was jammed for a sec.even in my dreams I have never expected this.

“I… I… I… don’t know, I think I don’t have any of the characteristics which you told.”
And then the second question was…

“Do you smoke??Your lips are black…”

That was the second shocking question. Would anyone expect these questions in their first talk with a person…?

I told nope. They are naturally black and many have asked me the same question.
I didn’t think talking to a girl was so hard. And that conversation longed about 15min and hung up the phone with a sigh. That was the day I wouldn’t forget and didn’t even think I would fall in love with this girl.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Does anyone know why we need a valentine’s day to remember our beloveds??To gift them…to surprise them. To make them know how much we love??? I feel it’s disgusting. To love n to be loved doesn’t need a day. Every day starts with love. Every day starts with lots of expectations and confusions. Why a day to expect and one week the day before to start our confusions …To be specific roaming all around the city to buy a gift that would surprise your love!!! Love shouldn’t be dramatic even though it is at times. And finally when we don’t get the expected reaction from our love??? Another few days to get an answer why?? I would recommend surprising them by the way you love and make them feel how special they are…it’s the sweet days of our life and it is to be enjoyed rather getting disappointed with lots of expectations…Real love starts there ..where the expectations ends. Love blindly, love truly, share what you feel, share 10 ounces of your heart completely and enjoy forever.  Love is not for today, its forever. LOVE AND LOVE FOREVER…This is my blog and its jus a starting. Errors and mistakes are humane pls bare wid me!!!! Love ya all